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April 25 2017 

The Changing Landscape of Von Willebrand Disease Diagnosis
Presenter: Dr. Veronica Flood 


  • Improved understanding of laboratory tests available for VWD diagnosis
  • Improved understanding of the classification of VWD and implications for treatment
April 18
Contraception and Thrombosis in Adolescents 
Presenter: Dr. Shannon Bates


  • Review the risks of thrombosis with various forms of hormonal contraception
  • Understand the thromboembolic risks of hormonal contraception in adolescents with a hereditary thrombophilia and/or family history of venous thromboembolism
January 31 2017

Reversal of DOACs: State of the Art
Presenter: Dr. Mark Crowther


  • Review current evidence for DOAC reversal
  • Discuss strategies in light of lack of widespread availability of Xa inhibitors
  • Present current best evidence for reversal
November 15 2016

Are Rare Inherited Bleeding Disorders the Holy Grail of Bleeding Disorders?
Presenter: Dr. Suchitra S. Acharya


  • Identify the phenotype, including clinical manifestations, for rare bleeding disorders (RBDs)
  • Describe the appropriate  evaluation for a suspected RBD and discuss available coagulation factor replacement therapy and hemostatic agents for these rare disorders
  • Recognize unmet needs for RBDs and their families
April 5

Congenital Fibrinogen Deficiencies
Presenters: Mr. Marilyn Manco-Johnson


  • Know basic structure and function of the normal fibrinogen molecule and genetic/molecular mechanisms of deficiency states
  • Evaluate fibrinogen functions in deficiency states using global assays to model hemostasis
  • Understand the mechanisms by which afibrinogenemia can cause both bleeding and clotting symptoms
  • Be familiar with use and dosing of fibrinogen replacement concentrates
January 12

Optimizing Warfarin Management in Canada
Presenters: Dr. Murray Trusler


  • To revisit the standard of care for warfarin management in Canada
  • To share the experience of a Canadian paediatric centre of anticoagulation excellence
  • To provide a closer look at the DOAC clinical trial results
November 10

ITP: An Old Disease with New Developments
Presenter: Dr. Cindy Neunert


  • Provide an overview of the pathogenesis of ITP
  • Outline a rationale for the current management options in pediatric ITP
  • Highlight national and international collaborative research efforts in pediatric ITP

May 19

EmPoWARed: Warfarin Self Management in Pediatrics
Presenters: Ms. Mary Bauman and Dr. Aisha Bruce


  • To describe the current landscape of warfarin outpatient management in pediatrics
  • To review the current models of care
  • To describe pediatric patient self-management of warfarin - EmPoWARed Study
  • To describe quality of life and qualitative data from the EmPoWARed study
May 26

TPO Agents in Children
Dr. James Bussel


  • Recognize the role of TPO agents in chronic ITP
  • Appreciate studies of efficacy in children with ITP
  • Be aware of the toxicity of TPO agents
March 10 

Coagulation in Children with Liver Disease
Dr. Simon Ling and Dr. Maria Magnusson


  • To describe the bleeding and thrombotic complications that occur in chronic severe liver disease and approaches to their prevention and treatment
  • To understand the effects of chronic liver disease on the balance between pro-coagulant and anti-coagulant factors, and the limitations of laboratory tests to measure this balance.
December 16

Overview of Pediatric Endovascular Thrombosis Interventions
Dr. Michael Temple and Dr. Suzan Williams


  • To describe current approaches to endovascular thrombosis intervention
  • To identify patients who may benefit from endovascular thrombosis intervention
  • To describe indications for inferior vena cava filters in children
  • To  be aware of the limitations of inferior vena cava filter use in children
Surgical management of patients with bleeding disorders
Dr. Manuel Carcao

- To appreciate that surgery in children with bleeding disorders (particularly those with inhibitors) involves meticulous attention to detail, frequent monitoring and modifying therapy as needed.

- To gain an appreciation of the typical peri-operative plans for children with bleeding disorders undergoing “common” paediatric surgical procedures.
- To appreciate that haemostasis in children with bleeding disorders involves more than factor replacement

January 2014

Global Coagulation Testing
Dr. Georges E. Rivard


  • Identify and explain the relative merit of two global hemostatic technologies:  TEG/ROTEM and Thrombin Generation
  • Identify and recommed the Global hemostat assays for the investigation of bleeding disorders
  • Identify and recommend Global hemostatic assays for the management of congenital and acquired bleeding disorders
19 March 2013 

Menorrhagia in Adolescents
Dr. Rochelle Winikoff


  • Review the pathophysiology & epidemiology of adolescent menorrhagia
  • Review the hemostatic anomalies associated with adolescent menorrhagia
  • Familiarize with the current treatment trends in adolescent menorrhagia
  • Highlight important challenges faced in the management of adolescent menorrhagia
18 December 2012 

A Blood Brain Barrier
Dr. Adam Kirton


  •  Classify perinatal and childhood cerebrovascular disease
  • Appreciate the role and investigation of disordered thrombosis in pediatric stroke the pathogenesis
  • Recognize the indications and risks of antithrombotic treatments in children with stroke
7 February 2012 

Prophylactic Anticoagulation in Children
Dr. William Geerts

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